SW Road Trip Adventures- Day 6

Las Vegas, NV to Sedona, AZ. You don’t appreciate how vulgar something is until you experience it standing next to an innocent child or a nun. Nuns and children can really cramp an adult-themed event. I know Vegas is a town that caters to degenerates of all creeds and caste systems, but holy moly, enough with the moving billboards plastered with girls (7 yrs older than my 11 year old) in assless bikinis and sequined pasties. I was surprised The M&M store which I had to mentally gear up to enter didn’t have a “toptional” dress code. And why does all the music assaulting you from every store, hotel, bathroom, elevator, parking garage, mall, casino, restaurant, etc. have to suck such incredible ass? There is no shortage of incredible music in the world so why can’t they play something that isn’t Top 40 from 1960?

On the way into Vegas we passed billboards advertising: porn, soft porn, gentlemen’s clubs, strip joints, casinos with the loosest slots, wedding chapels, booze outlets and attorneys who can help you with your personal injury claim.

On the way out of Vegas we passed billboards advertising: rehabilitation facilities, pawn shops, booze outlets, medical clinics to help you with injuries or things more contagious and attorneys who specialize in domestic matters and divorce.

That about sums it up.

3 thoughts on “SW Road Trip Adventures- Day 6

  1. The closest I have come to Vegas is the airport. It’s somewhere on my list to visit but not at the top. I’m thinking I’d rather go see a good show (Garth Brooks or Terry Fator come to mind) while there rather than gamble. or the pretty fountain displays. I’d have no problem talking about what I did in Vegas. I just don’t get the allure.

  2. Ha! Vegas has never appealed and you have not persuaded me otherwise! Thanks for visiting for us though and making me crack up reading your road trip posts!

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