Weddings in Your 40’s: Wedding 14

Weddings in your 40’s

I’ve been rummaging around on the blog in an attempt to get it into the 21st Century, and in so doing, I realized I never posted about the 14th Wedding I was in in 2012. I hope none of you have been agonizing over this oversight. Planning weddings in your 40’s is more fun than planning weddings in your 20’s. Mostly, you don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks, and that is immensely gratifying. Parents and in-laws just aren’t going to invest the emotional energy into your wedding when you get married in your 40’s. That is not a bad thing. Your 20 something self would have agonized over every detail and is generally obsessed with pleasing everyone. Your 40 something self thinks wedding pie is better than wedding cake and that’s that.

The only thing Bride Sarah and I spent an inordinate amount of time on was making sure we got the exact hue of blue that we painted our toenails right. That shit is important. I wore any dress that I liked. Sarah looked beautiful. Her groom was sweet. Really the only issue we had was to avoid getting our heels stuck in the soft grass of her new Brother-in-law’s beautiful yard. No rowdy college friends to keep your eye on. No (overly) drunken wedding party to contend with. Much less stress over the cost since we are (in theory) better off financially. You get to spend money on what you think is important rather than what an overbearing relative might want you to do.┬áLater life weddings are awesome!

Matron of Honor 2010's


Matron of Honor 2010's

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