Wedding Reader- Wedding 13

Wedding reader extraordinaire. These are my high school peeps. We’ve been hanging out since before 1984. That makes us sound ancient, but these are some of the most fun people I know. We were at Terry’s wedding in 2008 in this photo and we were melting like crayons in the desert because it was 1000 degrees outside. It was totally worth it. We teased Terry that she was the last one of us to get married for the first time. Four of us have been divorced and are on our second marriages. My twenty year old self would be appalled, but my forty year old self thinks the second time around has been an improvement for all of us. I was one of Terry’s readers. I gave a flawless reading of First Corinthians. Wedding Reader doesn’t sound like much. I realize all I did was read, but couldn’t they bolster the title somehow? Or maybe I could study at Vatterott College and become a Mind Reader? I could market my services as a wedding Mind Reader. Wedding Clairvoyant sounds so much better than Wedding Reader.
wedding reader

wedding reader

If you doubted my 1980’s roots, which by now you cannot, I call this maroon number my Judy Tenuta dress. Herein ends the Wedding series until May when I have another installment to add.

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  1. I like the gray one on the far right. But could someone explain the huge headband on the other end? Although if it was 1000 degrees out, I imagine it helped hold her hair up, but still…

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