Deleted Scene: Foreign Restrooms

foreign toilet

From Lithuania With Love: Foreign Restrooms The restrooms in the stark building where we spent our working days were equipped with an Avon cologne skunk that protected the bathrooms from excessive sewer stench.  Imagine the most pungent cloying stink you can create not in nature. Now imagine that you are unwittingly misted with it for that always-fresh feeling seven times Keep reading!

Deleted Scene: Our Bodyguard and Lithuanian Food

lithuanian food

Our Bodyguard and Lithuanian Food I appreciate a poignant AC/DC tune when I hear it, but how many times in a sixteen day period does one really need to hear “Stiff Upper Lip”? One early morning Vaidas pulled up to the hotel dormitory building with some fuzzy dice adorning the rearview mirror. We later discovered it was really a deodorizer. What?  Hey, Vaidas, do Keep reading!

Deleted Scene: Vilnius Lithuania

From Lithuania With Love: Vilnius Hotel Sarunas in Vilnius Lithuania was very adequate, if not humbling. I felt helpless and confused with what I knew were otherwise simple everyday activities. Nothing looked like it was supposed to. I did not understand the lock on the hotel door. I couldn’t locate the light switch in the room or on the wall. I was confused about how Keep reading!

Deleted Scene: Lithuania Airport

From Lithuania With Love: Lithuania Airport Another deleted scene from the book pertained to a business trip I took when working as in-house counsel for The Williams Companies. I originally wrote the “From Lithuania With Love” series as a short story, and it read like that in the book. London, frankly, was a bit of a blur. My colleague, Teresa, and Keep reading!

Bonus post from Family Road Trip – Zombie Mannequins

sad mannequins

I’ve been holding out on you with respect to retailing you of our adventures in family road tripping. Behold these zombie mannequins with you that we saw in a very sad storefront in Savannah, Georgia. It was pretty wild there for St. Pat’s Day celebration, but I think these zombies pre-dated the raucous revelry. In addition to their fashion-forward double knit Keep reading!

Family Road Trip of the South-Day 7

Grove Park Inn Asheville, NC

It rained the entire drive home. Here are the stats: Miles driven: 2,335 One adult/three children States visited: 11-Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, S. Carolina, N. Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois Hotel stops: 6- Memphis, Mobile, Savannah, Charleston, Asheville, Nashville Scotch bottles shattered: none! Glitter flakes from my molting iphone case that ended up on my face: 152 New states Keep reading!

Family Road Trip of the South-Day 6

Tourist shop in Nashville, TN

Biltmore Estate w/o incident! Who’d have wagered? Boring drive to Nashville, TN. Downtown Hotel Indigo. Have never seen so many chain restaurants per capita. Even in Vegas. Not much diversity in crowd either. Droves of festive grungy rock-a-billies or spirited white people in white sneakers and t-shirts. I have almost survived.   Related posts: Family Road Trip of the South-Day 7 Keep reading!

Surviving a family road trip – The real story

taking kids to all 50 states

Hands to yourself! Feet to yourself! Nicer! Inside voice! Keep your mouth shut when you eat! Stand up- don’t lay on the bathroom floor! Walk! Parking lot hands! Stop! Eat over your plate! Don’t touch anything u don’t have to in the restroom! Pay attention! Watch where u r going! Don’t eat food off the sidewalk! Get your hand out Keep reading!