Blogging With a Purpose


Blogging with a purpose, I hope

I’ve thought a lot about what this blog is about and why the hell I’m writing it. Everyone tells an aspiring blogger to just put it out there. So out there I put it. The blog started out as a series of text messages I sent to friends in an effort to buoy my sanity when I drove my three children 3,500 miles to 9 states in 9 days by myself. The blog sort of ebbed and flowed since then, with hopefully some funny bits in between.

All Things to All People

What is blogging with a purpose? Mostly, the blog is supposed to entertain, humor and occasionally make you think about your world from a different perspective. When you go to a blog, it has to give you something for you to want to come back. It’s been difficult to pinpoint my interests because I have difficulty being pinned down. I want to be all things to all people, and that’s just not realistic. I’m the person that walks into a shoe store and tells the salesperson “I need a good walking shoe that I can also look stylish dancing in at a wedding.” I am many things: mother, friend, wife, lawyer, employee, writer, sister, daughter, human being. But you want to know what to expect when you visit my blog, and I get that. So I’m refining my focus, because I’m nothing if not refined. I will still talk about cancer when the occasion presents itself, and I still have 7 states left to drag my kids to, but I’m going to talk much more about parenting and relationships. It’s a lot of the same stuff, but with more of an objective. I want to start a dialogue. I want you to comment. I want you to love me. I need affirmation, people!

Updated Blog Bio

I updated my bio in “Who Is She?” consistent with my new stated purpose. Check it out and let me know what you think. Really! Tell me what you think! If you want me to blog on certain topics, I will if I can figure out how to do it. I already blogged about my husband’s vasectomy, though, so that topic seems covered. But perhaps not…