MyFitnessPal needs to motivate me better

pants untied

A good friend of mine and I started using the MyFitnessPal app the summer of 2014. For the uninitiated, the MyFitnessPal app tracks calories and food consumption as well as calories burned through exercise. Like finding the right personal trainer (I prefer ones that tolerate me cursing through most of my exercises), it’s important to find the right companion fitness Keep reading!

Ode To My Personal Trainer

Farewell Letter: Ode To My Personal Trainer I recall being deeply distressed the summer I turned seventeen because I had to replace my retiring gynecologist AND my globe-trotting hairstylist at the same time. Replacing the gynecologist didn’t upset me nearly as much as replacing my hairstylist. I mean, my hair stylist knew how my hair ticked, so-to-speak. She introduced me Keep reading!

Some People at the Gym Suck, but I’m not Naming Names

I’m not going to call out an entire group of people and complain about them all being the same way. That would be stereotyping, profiling.┬áLike saying all teenagers are assholes. Instead, I will make an observation about a certain mentality I’ve noticed about some people at my gym. Some people at the gym suck. I exercise at an everyday people Keep reading!