How Parents Attend A Concert

Plan For When Parents Attend a Concert 7:15 p.m.: Multiple adults arrive at House McCoy with their sundry tweener children in tow 7:20: Adults down first shot of frozen Effen black cherry vodka, open first beer, get kids settled for the night 7:30: More friends arrive, later-arriving friends peer-pressured into doing first shot of Effen black cherry vodka, open first Keep reading!

Husbands Say The Darndest Things

Someone Is So Not Getting Laid Tonight: Husbands Say The Darndest Things I was having an extended discussion on the phone with my spouse about what kind of car he should get if he can’t continue to use his company car. We were debating the pros and cons about certain features, like whether we could afford a vehicle with tires or Keep reading!

Just Made Me Laugh Today

These Things Just Made Me Laugh Today I normally want to ram my bumper into mini-vans that have these personalized family car stickers (double bonus if the family is inside), but I will make an exception for Zombies, because Zombies (which I have elevated to the status of always being capitalized) fucking rock. Also, this is my friend’s car (not Keep reading!

How To Amuse Yourself At A Couples Baby Shower

  Brie Baby Proscuitto Baby Bun Baby Poor Breach Baby Watch Me Baby  Artsy Baby Waxy Baby Hand Me The Baby Fancy Chandelier Baby Baby Cakes Octo Baby  Where’s The Baby? Riding The Unicorn Baby Rock Me Baby Related posts: Baby love: I get to be an Aunt for a day! Unicorn: Not The Other White Meat Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen Emergency Room Keep reading!

Late Night Grocery Run

late night grocery shopping

People Who Need People (and vodka) Have you ever found yourself totally judging the people around you and then you realize: I am one of these people? I went to the grocery store Thursday night on a “sin run” to get a high calorie sugar-loaded salt-laden snack, and liquor. You know, a late night grocery run. It was just that Keep reading!

Three Pageant Concerts in Four Days

A year or so ago, Kevin and I saw three Pageant concerts in four days. The scene of the crime was The Pageant in St. Louis, which is within walking distance from our house. Three Pageant concerts, completely different genres. Strangely, the concert I felt the most at home attending was standing next to the tatted, pierced dudes, while not Keep reading!

The Free Pass List For Marrieds

The Free Pass List Do you and your significant other subscribe to the concept of keeping “The List”? You know, a list each of you disclose to each other of the Top 5 celebrities that the other is allowed to have their way with if fate ever put any of those celebrities on The List in their path. Like if I ever ended up Keep reading!