Anti-gay protesters are just sad

It must be incredibly frightening for anti-gay protesters to watch the world around them change and not understand how or why. I assume it would shake one to his/her core to be born into a community where your beliefs about sexuality were foisted upon you such that you forgot you ever had a choice to think them or not. Fast Keep reading!

Have You Seen Today’s Google doodle?

google doodle

What’s the big deal about a Google doodle? Preparing to write a post about today’s Google doodle, I was excited to learn that several journalists have already lauded the move by Google to honor the LGBT community in addition to the athletes competing in Sochi, Russia today. I also learned that the Google image which changes on occasion to celebrate Keep reading!

Marriage Equality: You’re Doin’ Fine, Oklahoma!

I’ve always hated the term “The Heartland”. First, it sounds condescending and folksy, like a calico quilt. It also seems ironic that an area of the country named with a term involving a symbol of love can treat people who are different from them with such disdain. I was horrified when Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin hatefully denied the state’s same-sex Keep reading!