Senior Photos: Let This Be a Lesson For You, Children

Senior Photos I counted myself among the herd of Pink Cows again to get an ultrasound and a few mammograms at the Hospital. The technicians had me contort into unnatural positions like with my hand on my hip or above my head while turning my head just so or posing with my chin down or off to the side. And of course my Keep reading!

Cancer Awareness: When Your Friend Gets Cancer

Cancer Awareness Several loyal followers to the blog have told me that they have gone to their doctors to have suspicious lumps investigated and scheduled overdue mammograms. It is an honor to provide a public service so folks can catch something early if there’s something to catch. I was trying to figure out how to provide the same motivating force Keep reading!

My Lumpectomy: Peace Out

Everything is going very well. My friends have been phenomenal. My in-laws have really stepped up with the kids. The Morning of My Lumpectomy The day of the surgery we arrived at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. The first order of business was to go to the Nuclear Medicine department and let the Gamma Ray Machine help ferret out the Keep reading!

Irony: You Have Cancer. You Don’t Have Cancer

you have cancer

You don’t have cancer Thursday I received a nice letter from the Mammography Office that performed my initial mammogram a few weeks ago. As you may recall, the mammogram did not detect anything unusual or identify any lumps or masses on my breasts. The “you have cancer” thing had nothing to do with the mammogram. Directly after the mammogram, the same technicians performed Keep reading!