Dedication to My Hubby’s Vasectomy: Sugar Lumps

Ode to My Hubby’s Vasectomy Now that the emotional wounds are well-healed and all has mostly returned to normal, I dedicate this post to my husband’s healthy balls. It’s not everyone’s husband who would be such a good sport about his wife blogging about his balls. Thanks, sweetie, for your indefatigable support. Sweetie- you have brought love and light into my Keep reading!

A Children’s Birthday Party

I love a well-executed Children’s Birthday Party. The twins turned eight a few days ago (“I forget what eight was for…”) so we were overwhelmed all weekend with birthday festivities. Birthdays do not wait for swollen balls, I’m afraid. Husband, Stephanie (anxious to pay back my bathing suited carcass outing a few weeks back at her daughter’s birthday party) and I herded fifteen eight Keep reading!