De-friended: Humble-bragging on Facebook

humble-bragging on facebook

Stop humble-bragging on facebook There is a fine line between genuine self-deprication and feigned humility. If you really hated how you looked in a bikini, you wouldn’t post five selfies on Facebook wearing a swimsuit. I’m sure it really is stressful trying to figure out how to work all the gadgets in your new Lexus, but stuff it. It IS Keep reading!

20 Ways to Age Disgracefully

Grow Old Gracefully or Age Disgracefully? I know what I vote for! It was great to see my friend, Sarah, who visited for the weekend. We met each other wearing Come On, Eileen overalls when freshmen in college at The University of Oklahoma. We sound like each other on the phone and finish each other’s sentences. Firmly establishing our compatibility over the Keep reading!