2013 Goals: Stop Smoking (then not be a fat-ass)

2013 Goals to aspire to Tending to a relative in the hospital recently, I came upon this handy Stop Smoking Kit. I’m not a smoker, but the little goodie bag of smoking tips just cracked me up. It was like something you would find along with the peanuts that collect at the bottom of your Cracker Jack box. A little Keep reading!

Breast Cancer: Embracing the Newly-Diagnosed

Avidity: Embracing the Newly-Diagnosed Over the span of the last two and a half weeks (it seems like months!) since my breast cancer diagnosis I have met and reconnected with over a dozen amazing women who are either currently undergoing cancer treatments or have in the past. Some fifteen years ago, some last year. My hairstylist at VVegaz in The Loop  introduced Keep reading!