My 2014 New Year’s Goals Won’t Resolve Themselves

2014 new year's goals

I like this time of year. It heralds in new beginnings, a blank slate, a fresh start. I like making goals, and I check-in periodically to gage where I am on fulfilling them. I usually reach some of my New Year’s goals for the year, or adjust them if they were unreasonable, like giving up guilt or cursing. Of course, Keep reading!

2013 Kinda Sucked: Admit It, You’re So Not Jealous of Me

2013 kinda sucked

To be honest, 2013 was kind of a boner. 2013 kinda sucked. I am a practical optimist, however, so here is my recap of 2013 and hope for a prosperous 2014: I DID meet my goal of not taking up smoking in 2013, since I didn’t smoke in the first place. Well done, me, for setting a goal I could Keep reading!

42 Days Smokefree

I’m Smokefree! Well, it’s Day 42 into the New Year. I haven’t smoked a single cigarette or even had a single craving, since I’m not a smoker. I am totally digging this Quit Smoking resolution I made on New Year’s Eve. I feel so accomplished. For once, I’ve discovered a Resolution that is attainable. I want to be an inspiration Keep reading!