2013 Will Be My Year

2013 Will Be My Year- Let’s Do This I have a certain pre-nostalgia for the year 2013 because it has my favorite number in it. Is that stupid? Even if it is, I think it’s better to go into the year thinking it’s going to be a banner one instead of a ball breaker. I’m not always an optimist, but Keep reading!

Cancer Treatment Superstitions: It’s Not Me, It’s You

Cancer Treatment Superstitions Our radiation captors were down a radiation machine today (apparently it doesn’t just happen to office copiers and fax machines) so I spent more time in the inner waiting room and consequently with fellow radiation inmates today. Guess what? WE ALL HAVE FAVORITE LOCKERS! Vinnie’s lucky locker number is 7. Caroline puts her things in locer number Keep reading!

Cancer Awareness: When Your Friend Gets Cancer

Cancer Awareness Several loyal followers to the blog have told me that they have gone to their doctors to have suspicious lumps investigated and scheduled overdue mammograms. It is an honor to provide a public service so folks can catch something early if there’s something to catch. I was trying to figure out how to provide the same motivating force Keep reading!