Doctor’s Office Scales Lie!

Freaking Out Nurses: Doctor’s Office Scales Lie I visited my gynocologist this week for my now bi-annual visit on account of some three rogue papsmear results in a row. I instructed my doctor that she is in charge of the ovaries. No lady ovary cancer, please. She assured me she had my ovaries’ back and not to worry. Interacting with the Keep reading!

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Even though we are past Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I think celebrating boobs is a worthy year-round event. And since pictures speak louder than words, please enjoy these random, mostly boob-centric sightings I made in real life. I give you, Pasta Boobs. I found these Pasta racks at a novelty shop in Asheville, North Carolina. These boobs are better when Keep reading!

Support Second Base: A Year After Cancer

A Year After Cancer October is, after all, breast cancer awareness month. I would be remiss if I didn’t post something in honor of this event. I’ve been shopping amongst pink-labeled produce for weeks without so much as a scowl. That’s a far cry from how I felt last year. How freaky is this? I just realized that I was diagnosed Keep reading!

Newsflash: Insurance Companies Suck

Insurance Companies Suck Words cannot adequately express how deeply I hate insurance companies, and mine in particular. I feel stupid writing this post because it seems like I’m trying to make a big point about how wrong it is to bludgeon puppies and we should really stop people who do that. In other words, I assume everyone who has insurance, Keep reading!

I’m Waiting For the Cancer Call

Waiting for the Cancer Call First off, I have had A LOT of caffeine, so hold on. Also, it’s my birthday. It is also Prince’s birthday and Tom Jones’ birthday. We’re all going for Sundowners later. It’s Tom’s turn to pay. I’m one of those annoying people who loves everyone else’s birthday and likes to skulk around about my own. My Keep reading!

Senior Photos: Let This Be a Lesson For You, Children

Senior Photos I counted myself among the herd of Pink Cows again to get an ultrasound and a few mammograms at the Hospital. The technicians had me contort into unnatural positions like with my hand on my hip or above my head while turning my head just so or posing with my chin down or off to the side. And of course my Keep reading!

Breast Cancer Routine Check-ups

Breast cancer routine check-ups It feels so strange to park at The Hospital. It’s like going to your high school a few years after graduation. You feel totally at home and completely like a fish out of water at the same time. I parked between two Easter frosting-colored sedans. Just like old times being with the Old Farts. Routine six Keep reading!

I Said Something Awful to Someone With Cancer

Something has been bothering me for months now, so I’m seeking the absolution of the internet to absolve me of my inescapable guilt. I said something awful to someone with cancer. Around the time I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2011, I was in VVegaz Salon having my hair colored, wondering whether I might be shaving my head for Keep reading!

These Boots Are Made For Walking- Nancy Sinatra

For all the newly-diagnosed and those who came before. Related posts: The Lady Is A Tramp- Frank Sinatra The Walking Dead Candy Scale Breast Cancer: Embracing the Newly-Diagnosed Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.

When Kids Use My Stuff

Kids Use My Stuff All the Time! I have come to a depressing truth: Nothing in my house will ever truly be mine ever again. A few months back, my sweet husband bought me an ipad2 for all the trouble I went through to get cancer. Nothing says “welcome to cancer” quite like an Apple product. I totally appreciated the gift Keep reading!