Negative Blog Post Not a Cry For Help

Blog Post Not a Cry For Help You guys are cracking me up. Yes, I admit in hindsight that the tenor of my last two posts has been a bit dark. The post evangelizing the beloved metaphor¬†“thrown under the bus” did convey a certain downward attitude. And there’s no rosy way to cast unemployment. It bites.I’m actually feeling quite hopeful Keep reading!

Dedication to My Hubby’s Vasectomy: Sugar Lumps

Ode to My Hubby’s Vasectomy Now that the emotional wounds are well-healed and all has mostly returned to normal, I dedicate this post to my husband’s healthy balls. It’s not everyone’s husband who would be such a good sport about his wife blogging about his balls. Thanks, sweetie, for your indefatigable support. Sweetie- you have brought love and light into¬†my Keep reading!