Teachable Moments in New Orleans

teachable moments

Summer Vacation Teachable Moments We took the children on a whirlwind tour of New Orleans, Louisiana last week. It was mostly great. I had forgotten what it sounds like to listen to your arteries harden after eating fried food. Non-stop. Every meal. Seriously, dining in the French Quarter was like eating at the State Fair every three hours. Fried chocolate Keep reading!

What The Frack! Family Vacation

family vacation

What is wrong with my children? A few days after school ended my husband and I threw the three amigos in the car and took them on a whirlwind tour of some of the best fracking states in the continental United States. Okay, one best fracking state: North Dakota. What were we met with? Bovine stares. Duck faces. Eye rolling. Keep reading!

Tales from the Road: Family Trip- East

I’m loading up the kids again on our next epic road trip. We’re leaving Saturday heading east until we hit the Atlantic Ocean and then making our way back hitting as many states as possible. My first pre-trip purchase? For those of you who recall my day at the beach over spring break, it won’t come as a surprise: A Keep reading!

Preparing for Family Road Trip of the South

Visiting Savannah, GA

It’s that time again. The family road trip of the south. Lessons in Masochism: Pre-Road Trip warning. Well, I obviously didn’t learn my lesson last summer. It has been 8 months since I have been out of Missouri, which strikes me as slightly pathetic. In my defense, I was a fixture at the hospital for a while. But no longer! Keep reading!

Family Midwest Road Tripping Text Log – Day 5

Watching the Falls in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Texting My Way through the Midwest Family Midwest Road Tripping Text Log Day 5 Drove thru falling snow in Yellowstone then sleet in Wyoming then rain in Idaho. We did, however, see a rainbow on my b-day so considering this a good omen for a good year to come. Buffalo n baby buffalo next to car in the park. Old Keep reading!