SW Road Trip Adventures- Day 8

Road Trip Adventures Almost Over The road trip adventure continues today. Santa Fe, NM to Grand Lake, OK. Yes, our vacation is lasting forever, but the kids picked up four new state notches on their belts: New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. I mean, not like I’m obsessing about how many states we travel to or anything. Random observation: I’m Keep reading!

Preparing for Family Road Trip of the South

Visiting Savannah, GA

It’s that time again. The family road trip of the south. Lessons in Masochism: Pre-Road Trip warning. Well, I obviously didn’t learn my lesson last summer. It has been 8 months since I have been out of Missouri, which strikes me as slightly pathetic. In my defense, I was a fixture at the hospital for a while. But no longer! Keep reading!

Midwest Family Road Trip Final Day Texting- Day 9

midwest family road trip

I have done it! I’ve taken my three kids on a midwest family road trip by myself! I’m not sure why I keep using exclamation marks, but it seems like I should! This seems exciting! Midwest Family Road Trip Final Day/The final stats: Eight nights. Nine days. Seven hotels. Three-thousand, four-hundred fifty miles. Nine states. Twelve gas stops. One adult. Keep reading!

Texting a Family Road Trip- Day 6

texting a family road trip

Am I still really doing this? Texting a Family Road Trip? It’s been six days. I feel like I’ve been stuck on a deserted island, but one with roads and lots of people. Texting a Family Road Trip Day 6 WTF was I thinking? Texting a family road trip? Wyoming, again. Kids didnt fall 4 my switcheroo to Beastie Boys Keep reading!

Family Midwest Road Trip Text Log- Day 2

family midwest road trip

If you are wondering where Day 1 is, click on this link. Text Log of Day 2 of Family Midwest Road Trip South Dakota seemed to go on forever. We lost count of all the wind farms. It felt like a snapshot from a movie about NASA. Unfathomably flat and long spans of non-civilization. Good practice for Montana. Stunning sunny 72 Keep reading!