De-Friended: Facebook Posting Instead of Living

Stop Facebook posting instead of living Some mundane status updates are post-worthy. When your kid tells you you’re the worst mom ever after you drop their newly purchased ice cream on the sidewalk, for instance. There are those status updates on social media, however, that make you wonder if someone has seriously lost their mind. I give you: Status updates about Keep reading!

De-friended: Whiners on Facebook

whiners on Facebook

Whiners on Facebook First of all, let me acknowledge the hypocrisy of me complaining about complainers. I understand the risks I’m taking by calling these folks out.  “Gawd. It’s been a week of Mondays.” You know the type. You open up a little, they open up, WAY too much? You say something totally provocative like, “How are you?” and they Keep reading!

De-Friended From Facebook: Vague-booking


I hate Vague-booking most of all Ever since middle-aged people who actually liked Hall & Oats made Facebook uncool by knowing about it, people have been abusing their Facebook power. With power comes responsibility. Each of us is no doubt guilty of committing a social media infraction on occasion, but that doesn’t excuse it. Social media is yet another medium Keep reading!