MyFitnessPal needs to motivate me better

pants untied

A good friend of mine and I started using the MyFitnessPal app the summer of 2014. For the uninitiated, the MyFitnessPal app tracks calories and food consumption as well as calories burned through exercise. Like finding the right personal trainer (I prefer ones that tolerate me cursing through most of my exercises), it’s important to find the right companion fitness Keep reading!

My 2014 New Year’s Goals Won’t Resolve Themselves

2014 new year's goals

I like this time of year. It heralds in new beginnings, a blank slate, a fresh start. I like making goals, and I check-in periodically to gage where I am on fulfilling them. I usually reach some of my New Year’s goals for the year, or adjust them if they were unreasonable, like giving up guilt or cursing. Of course, Keep reading!

Children in Exercise Class

children in exercise class

Don’t Take Barbie To The Gym Do you know what happens when you let your children in exercise class at the YMCA? They take over. They bring Freakin’ Barbie and her plastic cronies. Barbie and her superficial doll friends TAKE OVER and start acting like they OWN the place. And they are ALWAYS so enthusiastic about doing leg squats no Keep reading!

Exercise Clothes Without Exercise

We’ve all done it: You wear exercise clothes without exercise in your sights for the day. Do you have days where you walk around as an impostor ALL DAY? A complete fraud. You represent yourself as a certain person, who has certain motivations, but it’s all smoke and mirrors. At least for that day. I feel like that when I Keep reading!