Parent Survival Guide to Snow Days

I’m starting to understand how Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining went nuts at the Overlook Hotel. Snow. So much. . . Snow. Okay, the joint was also haunted, but you can’t discount the snow in his maniacal decline. It’s maddening to be surrounded by this much snow, unable to take breaks from these people I love. I’m usually cavalier Keep reading!

Life Is Too Short: Let’s Live Now

let's live now wine glass

Let’s live now. Throughout the course of downsizing, I’ve thrown out everything I don’t really love or need. Those stupid kitchen spatulas that never worked very well. Those fancy champagne flutes I used twice every five years. (Note: champagne tastes the same even if you serve it in a wine glass.) Those Joey Buttafuoco pants that, if there is a Keep reading!

More Adventures in Downsizing: 3800 sq. ft. to 1435

Adventures in Downsizing No one has blown a major gasket yet from our close-quarters living arrangement. Thank God the weather is nice! I shudder to think what we’ll do with cabin fever if really stuck in the cabin. Alas, I have already accepted several truths about having 1435 sq. ft.   In no particular order: It’s like Santa Claus is Keep reading!

Downsizing Adventures: 3800 to 1435 sq. ft.

 Downsizing Adventures 101 For the last few years, my husband, three children and I have been living in a modest condo during the week and going to our much larger home a few miles away on the weekends. Trust me that this made sense for several reasons. Trust me again when I say that two unemployed adults in the house Keep reading!