De-friended: Humble-bragging on Facebook

humble-bragging on facebook

Stop humble-bragging on facebook There is a fine line between genuine self-deprication and feigned humility. If you really hated how you looked in a bikini, you wouldn’t post five selfies on Facebook wearing a swimsuit. I’m sure it really is stressful trying to figure out how to work all the gadgets in your new Lexus, but stuff it. It IS Keep reading!

De-friended: Boring Over-share on Facebook

over-share on Facebook

I’ve spotlighted The Vague-bookers & The Whiners. I now provide you with the same fifteen people you don’t really remember who share far too many mundane thoughts with their closest Facebook pals: Boring Over-share on Facebook This is my elbow. My feet smell. I have gas. I laid on the couch all day yesterday. I’m still lying on the couch. Keep reading!

De-Friended From Facebook: Vague-booking


I hate Vague-booking most of all Ever since middle-aged people who actually liked Hall & Oats made Facebook uncool by knowing about it, people have been abusing their Facebook power. With power comes responsibility. Each of us is no doubt guilty of committing a social media infraction on occasion, but that doesn’t excuse it. Social media is yet another medium Keep reading!