How to talk to a friend with cancer: do’s & don’ts

breast cancer silver lining

Talking To Your Friend With Cancer I’m reposting a post I wrote about what to say to a friend with cancer, this being Awareness month. Over the past year, several friends have asked me how to talk to and help friends of theirs with a new cancer diagnosis. I generated this list from my experience with breast cancer, but it Keep reading!

Why Would Anyone Worry About Cancer?

Why worry about cancer? Because, fucking cancer. It is natural if a friend or family member has been diagnosed with cancer for you to worry about getting it yourself. It is seriously going around, and is not as effective as a weight loss regime as you might think. Crossfit might be better. I get approached frequently by friends and friends Keep reading!

Doctor’s Office Scales Lie!

Freaking Out Nurses: Doctor’s Office Scales Lie I visited my gynocologist this week for my now bi-annual visit on account of some three rogue papsmear results in a row. I instructed my doctor that she is in charge of the ovaries. No lady ovary cancer, please. She assured me she had my ovaries’ back and not to worry. Interacting with the Keep reading!

Dilemma: Which Line Will Move Faster?

Which Line Will Move Faster? I once managed a lawsuit in North Carolina which necessitated me to be there dozens of times a year. I knew that I was overstaying my welcome in my home away from home when some citizen asked me for directions and I was able to direct him accurately on his way. So it has come Keep reading!

Oncology Waiting Rooms: What’s Your Cancer?

Oncology Waiting Rooms I had an appointment to talk to my ENT about my sinuses following radiation therapy today. It wasn’t until the receptionist called me up after I sat down in the waiting room for fifteen minutes that I realized I was actually in my dermatologist’s office. Yeah, I feel like I keep pulling boner moves like that these days. Keep reading!

Kiss Off-Violent Femmes I forget what eight was for… Kiss off- Violent Femmes I need someone, a person to talk to Someone who’d care to love Could it be you? Could it be you? The situation gets rough, and I start to panic It’s not enough, it’s just a habit And, kid, you’re sick Well, darling, this is it Well, you can Keep reading!

We All Feel Judged on Facebook

judged on Facebook

Social Media: Doggonit, People like you! My sister would never have a facebook page or tweet or God forbid, blog. I understand her reticence. We all feel judged on Facebook. I understand these things can be used against you in a court of law and/or become part of your permanent record or hurt people’s feelings or alienate people who love Keep reading!

Drag Shows: When You Don’t Want to Think About Cancer

think about cancer

Let’s Not Think About Cancer Best buds from San Francisco in town for the Thanksgiving holiday so we had to make a good showing for them. Not that they demand it, but they inspire. Started the evening with martinis at the 360 Lounge on the rooftop of the very sad downtown St. Louis Hilton hotel. The kind of place where Keep reading!

Breast Lumpectomy : Performance Anxiety

Next Up: Breast Lumpectomy Nothing new on the cancer front other than I have a surgery date. November 28th. I opted to wait until after the Thanksgiving holiday so I could enjoy friends. I’m not really that nervous about the surgery. I tend to get anxious when there is a performance component attached. For instance, I was not daunted about Keep reading!

Cancer: Thoughts About Mortality

Thoughts About Mortality: First phone call after cancer diagnosis Before I confided in my husband, before I told a single soul, the first way I processed the news was to send an email to my estate attorney. I was obsessed with thoughts about mortality. I didn’t tell him I caught cancer but I did request that we update my last will Keep reading!