Wedding Reader- Wedding 13

Wedding reader extraordinaire. These are my high school peeps. We’ve been hanging out since before 1984. That makes us sound ancient, but these are some of the most fun people I know. We were at Terry’s wedding in 2008 in this photo and we were melting like crayons in the desert because it was 1000 degrees outside. It was totally worth it. Keep reading!

Bride Again- Wedding 12

Bride, Again

Bride again Okay, I’m relieved we stopped surrounding our faces with floral arrangements and started adorning our crotches with them instead. Probably a better use of flower power. Here I am, a bride, again. This is my second wedding in 2009, which you may have seen on my old blog. Hopefully we haven’t traveled far enough away from 2009 that Keep reading!

Always a Bridesmaid- Wedding 11

Still always a bridesmaid. Not much to see in this photo taken at Cathy’s 2002 Supreme Court house wedding other than she looks stunning. Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice Marian Opala officiated. Marriage still going strong. Now that I think about it, Ann is correct that my friends did try to gently nudge me to back away from the curling rods. Keep reading!

Always a 90’s Bridesmaid- Wedding 9

This 90’s bridesmaid dress, which I also still have, has actually fared the test of time the best out of all the dresses. One question: why such a wide lapel? I look like a fancy nurse from World War I. The poofy sleeves are just as poofy as the early nineties required, but Ann cleverly disguised that by going sheer.  Still Keep reading!