How Does Radiation Therapy Sound?

Radiation Therapy Sounds I tried to pay close attention to the sounds from my radiation therapy experience today. Sounds that we all take for granted, but lend themselves to our overall experience. While I’m actually in the radiation theater, there is a distinct white noise that permeates the room. The behemoth radiation machine that reminds me of a steely cold Mr. Snuffleupagus Keep reading!

Hospital Parking Lots: Dawn of the Dead

Hospital Parking Lots Today’s radiation treatment went smoothly except for the parking garage was full. How does that happen? The entire hospital is full? The hospital parking garage is actually one of the worst parts of my whole cancer experience. I’m not normally a road rage sort of person, but there is something about people going inhumanely slow in a confined Keep reading!

What Radiation Treatment is Like

Radiation Treatment Third day of radiation treatment and I’m already making enemies with the inmates. There are twenty lockers for approximately 3-4 women going through the locker room at any given time. You already know what happened when I went in there, and I think you know me well enough to know how I responded. Locker # 13 had a brown Keep reading!

Prep for Radiation: Skin Mark-up

Girl with the London Tube Map Tattoo: Prep for Radiation It was a wild visit with my radiation oncologist this week. I popped in for my radiation simulation not knowing exactly what to expect. What I didn’t expect was to leave with seven tattoos and a rendering of the blue line and the red line from the London Tube underground subway map on Keep reading!

Radiation Oncology: The Full Monty

Radiology Oncology appointment this week. We’re gonna go for the full monty (different context than Devlin’s full monty in the park over the weekend). Full monty only in the sense that I’ll have six weeks of treatment as opposed to one. I had an opportunity to undergo a shorter, more directed course of radiation to the sight of the tumor. Keep reading!

No Chemotherapy For You!

No Chemotherapy Just in Time For the Holidays It struck me today when I was waiting in my medical oncologist’s patient office that I have more boob cancer doctors than I have breasts. Any more doctors in the room and we’ll need a lubricant. It’s like having more children than I have hands, or more children in the family than Keep reading!