Love letter to people who “get” my special needs child

special needs child

It’s not in my nature to tout the accomplishments of my kids. It’s way more fun to write about how they open cereal boxes like a pack of wolves and how that takes me to places of insanity I can barely handle. I’ll step out of my comfort zone because sometimes your child does something you want to shout from Keep reading!

Autism Cure: I Couldn’t Care Less Why My Son Has Autism

cure autism

Autism Cure: What if there was an antidote? I have many friends whose children have autism. We find each other, like you ferret out the fun, snarky ones at the party who you end up talking to all night. We understand each other’s plight, even though each circumstance is unique. We’ve been on spectrum baseball teams together, hung out, hosted┬ásocial Keep reading!

Autism Obsessions: They’re Gr-r-eat!

Autism Obsessions: They’re Not Just For Breakfast Those of you with children under the age of four think you know what it’s like to have a child torment you with inane and incessant information and questions. Multiply this times ten for a child On The Autism Spectrum. They can be like a dog with a rabbit in their mouth if Keep reading!