What The Freak?! Autism Awareness Month

autism awareness

In honor of Autism Awareness month this April, I thought you might enjoy this window into the mind of a child on the autism spectrum. Like all children, Devlin is equal parts sweet and maniac. Only I’m convinced he is 10 times more sweet plus 10 times more insane than neurotypical children.Case in point: A few weeks ago Devlin became Keep reading!

Autism Obsessions: They’re Gr-r-eat!

Autism Obsessions: They’re Not Just For Breakfast Those of you with children under the age of four think you know what it’s like to have a child torment you with inane and incessant information and questions. Multiply this times ten for a child On The Autism Spectrum. They can be like a dog with a rabbit in their mouth if Keep reading!

You Are An Autism Obsession

Autism Obsession I am the object of someone’s obsession. To be exact, a nine year old boy (not related to me) with autism. My son and I see him on Saturdays for a social skills group in which he and my son learn to connect with other boys on the autism spectrum.  I am not as revered as trains or Keep reading!