Which Superhero Are You: Empower or Enable?

Recognizing Professor Empower and General Enable Do you use your superpowers for good or evil? Do you empower or enable the people around you? Here’s a simple motto: Empowering people = good. Enabling = bad, mkay? The superhero I just made up, Professor Empower, knows that healthy relationships are those that empower, not enable. The empower or enable thread runs Keep reading!

Addiction Myth: Addicts Must Hit Rock Bottom

You have heard it hundreds of times: Addicts must hit rock bottom before they can get better. The more I read and understand about addiction makes that until recently uncontroverted “rule” seem as sound as putting leaches on my skin to suck out the demons. When have you ever heard of a problem, health or otherwise, that got better singularly Keep reading!

Substance Abuse vs Substance Addiction

It is a common misperception that substance abuse is the same as substance addiction. In fact, each of these conditions affects different parts of the brain. It doesn’t help that  abuse looks similar to addiction and can ultimately lead to addiction. Substance Abuse vs Substance Addiction: Defining Abuse The essential feature of abuse is a pattern of use that causes Keep reading!

What Does It Feel Like To Live With An Addict?

To Live With an Addict Is To Live With Shame As an adult, it felt like someone in the passenger seat was pulling the steering wheel into the path of an oncoming truck on an unfamiliar curvy mountain road. It’s scary as shit and fraught with stress, instability and humiliation. As a child, it felt confusing and gross, like the Keep reading!

Addiction Stigma: Being Anonymous Isn’t Helping

The Addiction Stigma of Anonymous I am a proponent of any addiction rehabilitation program, be it medical, spiritual, physical or magical, that helps addicts get a handle on their addiction. It is amazing to me that at this stage in my life that I am still susceptible to the pitfalls caused by the stigma of addiction. The prejudice is so Keep reading!