They are above the law! and other lies about protesters

Lies about protesters You know what the presence of protesters from out of town represents? I’ll give you a hint. It doesn’t have anything to do with Fox’s make-believe “outside agitator” messaging or lend credence whatsoever that protesters are paid like mercenaries. It indicates that people all across the United States still look to Ferguson as the mecca of protest against Keep reading!

A view from the Ferguson Protests

on the ground in ferguson

Ferguson protests: A view from the street I was anxious all day knowing that I would drive to the Ferguson protests with my 10 YO son after he got out of school yesterday. Devlin remembers when we got up very early one cold day in February 2012 to face off with the Westboro Baptist Church’s protest of the acceptance of Keep reading!

When a Liberal Feminist Shoots Guns

Newsflash: Liberal Feminist Shoots Guns! In some respects, going to a shooting range was exactly what I thought it would be. Dodge Ram trucks and Ford pick-ups in masculine colors lining the parking lot in which there were few open spots. Demonstrably male, palpably macho, undeniably white. Louis C.K. does a hilarious stand-up bit about there not being a varied group of Keep reading!