What is Your Most Played Song?

Is Your Most Played Song Embarrassing?

I’ve been an avid iTunes devotee for a long time. Every time Apple adds a new feature, I’m excited. I don’t know what version of iTunes added stats on the number of plays for each song, but I just re-discovered it this week. It was fascinating.

First, the Unsurprising Truth About My Most Played Songs

The most played songs were ones listened to by my offspring. Therefore, I can summarily discount the New Age songs (yeah, I don’t know where that affinity began) Rowan plays to fall asleep. Same goes for overlooking the vicious play of numerous One Direction and Katy Perry songs. Repeat after me: The spawns’ musical taste is not a reflection of me. It’s not a reflection of me. It’s not a reflection of me. It’s true, I did force my helpless children to listen to a lot of “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor and I went through an undeniably depressing R.E.M. phase when the twins were one, Rowan was three and I was going through a divorce. Come on! I was going through a divorce! It was traumatic! “Losing My Religion” fucking helped salve the wounds!

It also makes sense that “You Are The One” and “Le Disko” by Shiny Toy Guns have over 350 plays each considering my son was obsessed, obsessed I say, with the band Shiny Toy Guns for a few years. I remember listening to songs to death when I first started getting into music around age ten. I was convinced I was the first person in the universe to discover a song that really spoke to me. I cried. I listened until I memorized every word. I fell in love. I must have listened to every song on Side One of Breakfast in America by SuperTramp 1,000 times. “Take the Long Way Home” was the only good song on Side Two, at least according to my 7th grade mind. I played the shit out of that album, which was technically my sister’s property. As if she deserved “Goodbye Stranger” on any planet. I will go on shining, shining like brand new. I never look behind me. My troubles will be few.

most played song

But Then My Most Played Songs List Gets Weird

According to iTunes,  “Old Account Was Settled Now” by Johnny Cash was played 557 times. I love Johnny Cash. He’s prominent on many of my oft played playlists, but to the best of my memory, I’ve never played “Old Account Was Settled Now”. Not even once. “Jackson”, sure, but “Old Account Was Settled Now”? I had to listen to it to figure out what the heck the song sounded like. Someone in my family has listened to more than twenty-two hours of “Old Account Was Settled Now” since, well, I don’t know since when. It’s all a big mystery.


I’m sorry. Sometimes there is not a real point to my posts, but don’t let that deter you.



One thought on “What is Your Most Played Song?

  1. Meat Loaf. Bat out of Hell. The entire album. I know that without even looking at iTunes. Or the stereo in my Jeep where it is permanently downloaded into the system.

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