Children’s First Protest: Westboro Baptist Church

Baby book entry today: “Children’s First Protest– 2/6/2012 Westboro Baptist Church ( in front of Clayton High School.

We dragged the children out of their cozy beds this morning to stand with hundreds of gay/lesbian supporters in response to the WBC picketers. I was very excited about my children’s first protest. I wanted them to see hate and evil up close. Well, as close as several hundred feet between the WBC and the rest of us. I heard the WBC was demonstrating at Clayton High School because CHS has a diversity code and embraces all students regardless of race, sex, gender, or sexual orientation. The nerve! WBC carried signs such as “Soldiers die 4 Fag Marriage”, “God hates you” and “God cursed America” early this morning before school started. They sent five followers to Clayton. Five of them and about 500 of us. As part of the spectacle, a WBC protester, who stood with one foot on the rainbow flag and the other foot on the American flag, picked up the American flag, spit on it about seven times. She then stomped on it and then mocked wiping her ass with the flag.A carnival atmosphere reigned as students and supporters danced around dressed up as My Little Pony and Unicorns. Others sported rainbow scarves and hats, held signs of peace and tolerance. Here was the best take away:

Children's first protest
Children's first protest
Rowan and Blair, right up front. The tiny specks that are the WBC are behind those white and orange barriers in the background.

5 thoughts on “Children’s First Protest: Westboro Baptist Church

  1. Good for you guys!! I think you all had the right idea. It’s either that or form a barrier and turn your backs on them. I seem to remember that happening to the KKK in Spokane, WA (I think) years ago.

    My husband (retired Army)will state he clearly defends anyone’s right to deface the flag, just don’t let him catch you doing it.

  2. That settles it…..the girls are clearly now ready for the truth about Adam and Steve ans their unicorn ranch, Eden ….all of it. And thanks for continuing to set the standard for.rock star parenting…go Jen! Rainbow kisses to all. Xo

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