What kind of protest against police brutality is acceptable?

Do you approve of any type of protest against police brutality so long as it’s non-violent or does it just depend? Do you think citizens should be required to get a permit or stay on the sidewalk? Are you okay with a spontaneous protest in front of a police station but draw the line at protests taking place outside a Keep reading!

There, I said it: winter sucks

The inside of my nose feels like it’s lined with fiberglass. I want to remove my eyeballs and soak them in a vat of KY jelly until they are reconstituted like dried out mushrooms. The skin on my fingers is cracked and my feet look like crusty dog chew toys. My lips are as supple and kissable as a sun-dried Keep reading!

Blame Someone Else Day- First Friday the 13th Of the Year

blame someone else

I’m having a bad day and mostly, I just blame you. It is Blame Someone Else Day, after all. I blame you: because I forgot that the intersection I just blew through on a yellow light has photo enforcement. that I backed my car into a very, very large highly-visible tree. that my children fight with each other when we Keep reading!

How To Make a New Mother Paranoid

Is It Ever a Good Decade to Have a Baby? Any Good Ideas to Make a New Mother Paranoid? I dedicate this post to new mothers everywhere. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, but especially to first time moms. My mother smoked a half pack of cigarettes each day she was pregnant with me. As a child of the 1970’s, Keep reading!

Ever Feel Like A Tweaked-Out Meth Head?

Tweaked-out Meth Head Have you seen the video of the tweaked-out meth head at Wal-mart? More to the point, have you seen yourself in the video of the tweaked-out meth head? Have you have ever yelled at the cell phone ringing in your pocket when you knew who was calling  and you didn’t have the right answer they wanted to Keep reading!

Do You Ever Listen to Crappy Music?

iTunes Library Song List of Crappy Music What is the first song you think of when I say “crappy music”? The first artist that leaps to my head is Anne Murray. I really hate Anne Murray songs, so I’m very happy to report I don’t own any. I am still fascinated with my iTunes library lately. I have 5585 songs. Keep reading!

I Accidentally Listened to Christian Music

I didn’t hate it at first but then I realized I accidentally listened to Christian Music t want my kids to love music, all kinds of music. I don’t want them to grow up to become one of those annoying tools who say “I listen to all kinds of music” and believe they actually do. You know the types. “Oh, Keep reading!

Why I love Interviewing

i love interviewing

Interviewing = speed-dating minus sex I love Interviewing. It is like speed-dating, but with no hope of sex. Which I mean, thank God, because would you want to have intimates with the majority of the people you’ve met who work in HR? That’s what I thought. Why do I love interviewing? Because I’ve had a lot of them. It’s good Keep reading!

10 Lamest Reasons For Leaving Your Job


Here are the lamest reasons for leaving your job 10.  Wanted to stay home so I could wash my tea cup daily in the dishwasher instead of accumulating those yucky stains that hand-washing at the office sink doesn’t touch. 9.  Finally succumbed to guilt from stealing post-it notes and random pens 
from the office for use at home. 8.  Exhausted permutations Keep reading!

Job Loss Grief For Long Term Unemployed

Job Loss Grief For Long Term Unemployed People is Real Throughout this bout of long term unemployment, I have definitely worn out going through the various phases of grief. And you know what? It’s not as fun as it sounds. 1. Denial & isolation: Persona non grata. Loser. Under-achiever. Everyone and their “employment” and “working” are always so busy! Obsessed with Keep reading!