Netflix: Modern Marital Passive Aggression

Forms of revenge between married partners used to involve old-fashioned passive aggressive warfare. My father was very comfortable with simply the aggressive part of that technique, so my mother honed her skills in the passive arena. His ying to her yang or some such. They have been married for 59 years, so something must be working. Passive aggressive tactics have been Keep reading!

You’re Fired!

Have you ever been fired from a job? Down-sized. Reduction-in-force. Last in/first out. Mis-managed office politics. Whistleblower. Thrown under the bus. Slept with your boss. Whatever the reason, fired is fired. And fired feels absolutely shitty. I think being fired feels worse than getting divorced. I have had the pleasure of experiencing both. They each involve rejection and shots of Keep reading!

How To Get A Red Dress

This year my husband and I decided not to celebrate Valentine’s Day as per our usual bah humbug practice. At the last minute, I suggested we meet me for lunch, as that was the only meal we were going to have that day without the children. In an uncharacteristic stab at romance, I decided to surprise him by wearing: 1) Keep reading!

20 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts

Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Sweetie I stumbled upon an article outlining the worst valentines gifts which I feel compelled to share with you on the few days before Valentine’s Day. In descending order of awful, I present: 10. oil change (For the record, I would be jazzed if someone took my car to the oil, lube & filter place. A Keep reading!

Husbands Say The Darndest Things

Someone Is So Not Getting Laid Tonight: Husbands Say The Darndest Things I was having an extended discussion on the phone with my spouse about what kind of car he should get if he can’t continue to use his company car. We were debating the pros and cons about certain features, like whether we could afford a vehicle with tires or Keep reading!

Stop Calling My Daughter Attractive

Stop Calling My Daughter Attractive A friend of mine and I recently discussed our mutual annoyance with the word “attractive“. We opined that hatred of the word no doubt stems from parental admonitions in our youth to “stop wearing baggy clothing or you won’t be attractive” or “tone down that 80’s mullet. It’s not attractive.” Of course, my friend and I Keep reading!

All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter

I’ve been talking to a close friend of mine who has been married for a long time about her troubled marriage. I’ve inquired discreetly about what the major stumbling block seems to be. “Infidelity?” “Not really.” “Abuse?” “No, no. Nothing like that.” “Is your husband gay?” “He doesn’t have interior decorating skills, so that’s unlikely.” “He read the Fifty Shades of Keep reading!

Dedication to My Hubby’s Vasectomy: Sugar Lumps

Ode to My Hubby’s Vasectomy Now that the emotional wounds are well-healed and all has mostly returned to normal, I dedicate this post to my husband’s healthy balls. It’s not everyone’s husband who would be such a good sport about his wife blogging about his balls. Thanks, sweetie, for your indefatigable support. Sweetie- you have brought love and light into my Keep reading!

I Am More Accident Prone Than My Kids

Accident Prone Mother Impales Self in Head My husband and I attended the Justice For All Ball at Chase Park Plaza on Saturday night. Formal, with tuxes. We don’t do this sort of event often, or at all if we have to pay for it ourselves, but we had fun at it last year against all odds. About two hours before Keep reading!

The Day of My Husband’s Vasectomy

The day of my husband’s vasectomy was a very special time. Kevin was really excited about the procedure, and about literally sitting on ice for a while. Again, everything about it struck me as funny. Kevin? Not so much. I’ve never seen him more nervous in my entire life. Geez. You’d think someone was going to mess with his balls Keep reading!