Anti-gay protesters are just sad

It must be incredibly frightening for anti-gay protesters to watch the world around them change and not understand how or why. I assume it would shake one to his/her core to be born into a community where your beliefs about sexuality were foisted upon you such that you forgot you ever had a choice to think them or not. Fast Keep reading!

Have You Seen Today’s Google doodle?

google doodle

What’s the big deal about a Google doodle? Preparing to write a post about today’s Google doodle, I was excited to learn that several journalists have already lauded the move by Google to honor the LGBT community in addition to the athletes competing in Sochi, Russia today. I also learned that the Google image which changes on occasion to celebrate Keep reading!

Marriage Equality: You’re Doin’ Fine, Oklahoma!

I’ve always hated the term “The Heartland”. First, it sounds condescending and folksy, like a calico quilt. It also seems ironic that an area of the country named with a term involving a symbol of love can treat people who are different from them with such disdain. I was horrified when Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin hatefully denied the state’s same-sex Keep reading!

Boy Scouts Anti Gay Policy: Learn From Your Ranks

Boy Scouts Anti Gay Policy I couldn’t help myself. I know a reference isn’t the best forum to air my grievances against The Boy Scouts of America for the Boy Scouts anti gay policy, but this is the letter of recommendation I just wrote for an aspiring Eagle Scout:February 08, 2013 To The Greater St. Louis Area Council Advancement Committee: It Keep reading!

That’s Gendertastic!

Hey, so I’m just blundering my way around the web and I decide to add some content to my newly created Coy McCoy Facebook page because I’m a fucking technological wonderkid. If you haven’t liked the page yet,  there is still time! When I get to the section to input my gender, these are my choices: What, in thee hell, does Keep reading!

Queer Eye: Part 1

I take my responsibility to educate you about obscure events and facts very seriously. In that vein, this post is about  a conundrum of one of my best buddies. He lives in San Francisco with his husband. They enjoy life as a typical gay couple. You know- disposable income, glamorous travel, spoiling their pets and exotic friends. I mean, OBVIOUSLY. They are Keep reading!

Children’s First Protest: Westboro Baptist Church

Baby book entry today: “Children’s First Protest– 2/6/2012 Westboro Baptist Church ( in front of Clayton High School. We dragged the children out of their cozy beds this morning to stand with hundreds of gay/lesbian supporters in response to the WBC picketers. I was very excited about my children’s first protest. I wanted them to see hate and evil up close. Well, Keep reading!

Westboro Baptist Church: We’re all going to hell

Westboro Baptist Church can suck my nuts. Or someone’s nuts. They are picketing in front of Clayton High School Monday morning “to warn the children of Clayton High School to flee the wrath to come! The children of this generation have been taught to believe that God is a liar: God loves everyone, it’s okay to be gay, divorce & remarriage Keep reading!

Drag Shows: When You Don’t Want to Think About Cancer

think about cancer

Let’s Not Think About Cancer Best buds from San Francisco in town for the Thanksgiving holiday so we had to make a good showing for them. Not that they demand it, but they inspire. Started the evening with martinis at the 360 Lounge on the rooftop of the very sad downtown St. Louis Hilton hotel. The kind of place where Keep reading!