How To Make a New Mother Paranoid

Is It Ever a Good Decade to Have a Baby? Any Good Ideas to Make a New Mother Paranoid? I dedicate this post to new mothers everywhere. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, but especially to first time moms. My mother smoked a half pack of cigarettes each day she was pregnant with me. As a child of the 1970’s, Keep reading!

Crazy Vodka Flavors Continued

I don’t know how I haven’t stumbled upon all the Children’s Vodka out there yet, but apparently I haven’t. I have, for the moment, rounded out all the places I frequent that sell liquor, so you will get a natural reprieve unless I start shopping differently. I give you: Supercola Vodka. What is wrong with combining your coca-cola with vodka, Keep reading!

Crazy Vodka, Continued

There is more crazy vodka out there. Remember a few posts ago when I blogged about Surviving a Kid Slumber Party by stocking up on vodka marketed to children? The grocery store was restocking that day and apparently I missed another dozen or so Middle School vodka flavors. Please note I didn’t even consider the dizzying number of fruit-flavored vodkas Keep reading!

Weird Vodka Flavors

Booze For Kids (Or How To Survive A Kid Slumber Party) I stumbled upon some totally weird vodka flavors at the grocery store today. I am girding my loins in anticipation of seven nine year old boys and girls invading my home for a slumber party to celebrate Devlin & Blair’s 9th birthday. It is just a few hours away. Keep reading!

Late Night Grocery Run

late night grocery shopping

People Who Need People (and vodka) Have you ever found yourself totally judging the people around you and then you realize: I am one of these people? I went to the grocery store Thursday night on a “sin run” to get a high calorie sugar-loaded salt-laden snack, and liquor. You know, a late night grocery run. It was just that Keep reading!