I have been spending too much time with teenagers

How do you know when you’ve been spending too much time with teenagers? When you start acting like them. Case in point: My teenage daughter is going to her first high school¬†homecoming dance. Logic dictates that one should wait until you are within 24 hours of the dance before deciding what shoes you will wear. It goes without saying that Keep reading!

Why kids listen to anyone but their parents

Why won’t my kids listen to me? Because I birthed them! I’m disqualified! Three children is sometimes a lot of children. You delude yourself that they become easier to handle when they can understand words and can physically do things, like take out the trash. Somehow your offspring being able to pitch in doing chores seems like progress when they Keep reading!

Online friends: teens meet for first time

Online friends: What could possibly go wrong? My teenage daughter, who lives in Missouri, met another teenage girl, who lives in California, over the Twitter last year. They became online friends on fandom sites. For those without a teen-to-adult dictionary, a fandom is an online social network revolving around a particular interest (such as a movie, character, celebrity, etc.). It’s Keep reading!

Rude Teen Behavior: I thought you were exaggerating

I thought you were exaggerating about rude teen behavior. I planned what I thought was going to be the perfect mother/daughter activity with my tweener. She’s been a little down lately so I made a special appointment for her to get schooled on all things beauty at our local Sephora. Who wouldn’t enjoy being doted over for an hour? Right. Keep reading!

Stop Calling My Daughter Attractive

Stop Calling My Daughter Attractive A friend of mine and I recently discussed our mutual annoyance with the word “attractive“. We opined that hatred of the word no doubt stems from parental admonitions in our youth to “stop wearing baggy clothing or you won’t be attractive” or “tone down that 80’s mullet. It’s not attractive.”¬†Of course, my friend and I Keep reading!