Anti-gay protesters are just sad

It must be incredibly frightening for anti-gay protesters to watch the world around them change and not understand how or why. I assume it would shake one to his/her core to be born into a community where your beliefs about sexuality were foisted upon you such that you forgot you ever had a choice to think them or not. Fast Keep reading!

Confederate flag has only ever meant oppression

I cannot believe we are still talking about the confederate flag allegedly representing Southern pride and heritage. Quoting Ishann Tharoor from the Washington Post, “Americans are finally accepting what many believe it has represented all along: not heritage, nor pride, nor a badge of Southern identity, but a regime of white supremacists who went to war against the Union in order to preserve the inhuman institution of slavery.” Keep reading!

Why kids listen to anyone but their parents

Why won’t my kids listen to me? Because I birthed them! I’m disqualified! Three children is sometimes a lot of children. You delude yourself that they become easier to handle when they can understand words and can physically do things, like take out the trash. Somehow your offspring being able to pitch in doing chores seems like progress when they Keep reading!

I hate cooking for assholes

I used to love cooking. My first husband and I cooked together a lot as newly-married twenty somethings. He’d open a nice bottle of wine, like maybe one over $10 that had a cork instead of a spigot. I’d pop in a Frank Sinatra CD (remember those?) and blast it so we could hear it in the kitchen. Then we’d wage Keep reading!

FergusonOctober: Weekend of resistance

Activism is defined as the effort to promote, impede, or direct social, political, economic, or environmental change, or stasis. I’ve only ever touched on the notion of activism as it pertains to family politics. You know, picketing my own living room to break up the injustice  of one child dominating the television show selection process for “like, FOREVER, mom!” or passing out flyers in front Keep reading!

Rooster on Grand showcases kids’ rooster art

Rooster pride abounds in St. Louis The family and I ventured over to Rooster on S. Grand last night for the soft opening of Dave Bailey’s second Rooster restaurant in St. Louis, MO. Rooster is a European-styled cafe serving crepes, unusual sandwiches and unique dishes. Yum! They also have a gaggle of roosters crawling all OVER the place. The employees graciously Keep reading!

Baby love: I get to be an Aunt for a day!

Holy crap! I am so out of shape when it comes to babies! When you are in the zone of caring for infants, you develop a rhythm. Sleeping in three hour starts and fits becomes the thing you do. Your sleep-deprived brain adapts and thinks it’s totally normal to watch reality television in the middle of the night. I have Keep reading!

Festival of Popular Delusions Day

popular delusions

In honor of the Festival of Popular Delusions Day, June 5th, I list some of my own personal popular delusions (from my own head): Despite the fact that I catch glimpses of my mother’s face and my grandmother’s demeanor in the mirror looking back at me, I still harbor hope that I will avoid screwing up my kids in the Keep reading!

If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

if mama ain't happy

Or is it If Mama is happy, everybody’s happy? Why does everyone want mama to be so happy? If I were really happy, I’d probably be on an all expenses paid trip in Australia, which is to say, half way across the world surrounded by exotic people with cool accents and beautiful scenery. Australia is the happiest place on earth, Keep reading!

Donald Sterling Taught My Kids a Valuable Lesson

donald sterling

Parents aren’t the only adults kids can learn from. They can learn from billionaires, too. Like Donald Sterling. This is the conversation I had with my 10YO daughter this morning: “Blair, I found red knox blox jello cubes on the hallway ceiling last night. Do you know how they got there?” Blair’s response: Eyes widen. Mouth turns down. Shoulders shrug up. Keep reading!