Love letter to people who “get” my special needs child

special needs child

It’s not in my nature to tout the accomplishments of my kids. It’s way more fun to write about how they open cereal boxes like a pack of wolves and how that takes me to places of insanity I can barely handle. I’ll step out of my comfort zone because sometimes your child does something you want to shout from Keep reading!

Autism Cure: I Couldn’t Care Less Why My Son Has Autism

cure autism

Autism Cure: What if there was an antidote? I have many friends whose children have autism. We find each other, like you ferret out the fun, snarky ones at the party who you end up talking to all night. We understand each other’s plight, even though each circumstance is unique. We’ve been on spectrum baseball teams together, hung out, hosted social Keep reading!

Good Times In Bad Parenting

bad parenting

I Have Great Bad Parenting Skills You wouldn’t think you could forget your child has autism, but I sort of did the other day. I suspect every parent with a special needs child fantasizes about what it would feel like to parent only neuro-typical children. Because typical children practically raise themselves and are never exasperating. I am only speaking to Keep reading!

Understanding Death on the Autism Spectrum

understanding death santa claus

How old were you when you understood death? Understanding death on the autism spectrum is a difficult concept to grasp. Spoiler alert regarding Santa: I always thought I would remember when each of my children discovered Santa wasn’t real. I assumed the information would be received like a telegram during war time and followed by tearful denial. Instead, I have Keep reading!

Having a Bad Day

I don’t know why exactly, but yesterday ganged up on me. It just smelled of a bad day. I was less productive than I intended, got some news that didn’t sit well, stupidly cut my nose with scissors, argued with my husband and my back ached from an overly enthusiastic tabata exercise move. I was having one of those “everything Keep reading!

Susan Boyle Is An Aspie!


Susan Boyle, the middle-aged Scottish singer who stumbled upon fame after competing brilliantly on “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2009, told an interviewer a few days ago that she has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism. Susan is an aspie! I smiled at the thought of another role model for my son. Then I imagined Autism’s First Keep reading!

Sports Videos of Special Needs Kids

sports videos of special needs kids

Why are we so enamored with Sports Videos of Special Needs Kids? Love That Max blogger Ellen Seidman recently wrote a post about whether it’s a good idea to Give Kids and Teens With Disabilities Special Sports Treatment. I have been watching the phenomenon of sports videos of special needs kids with increasing discomfort. My nine year old son has Keep reading!

Autism President Obsessed With Making Government Cool

Blair as Michael Jackson

It is no secret that my 9 YO daughter Blair wants to be POTUS (President of the United States) when she grows up. She has been steadfastly answering the question of what she wants to be when she grows up with a heartfelt, “I want to be the President!” since age three. Her proclamation invariably begs the question of, “President Keep reading!

Revenge Is Sweet: How To Reward An Autistic Tantrum

Devlin and I stopped for lunch last week at a Mediterranean joint in The Central West End. It started well enough, i.e. we walked through the door without incident, but quickly turned sour. Enter autistic tantrum. Devlin became fixated that he hated this restaurant. He refused to sit down in his chair. He didn’t like the utensils. The menu annoyed Keep reading!

Rainman Goes To Camp: What it’s like to send your special needs child to camp

special needs child to camp

Sending a typical child to camp can be daunting, but it is especially so to send your special needs child to camp. Nine year old daughter Blair attended summer camp last week. At family day, we celebrated Blair’s finely honed skills of gluing stuff to wood and ate fried chicken. I can’t remember the last time I had actual fried Keep reading!