How to talk to a friend with cancer: do’s & don’ts

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Talking To Your Friend With Cancer I’m reposting a post I wrote about what to say to a friend with cancer, this being Awareness month. Over the past year, several friends have asked me how to talk to and help friends of theirs with a new cancer diagnosis. I generated this list from my experience with breast cancer, but it Keep reading!

Why Would Anyone Worry About Cancer?

Why worry about cancer? Because, fucking cancer. It is natural if a friend or family member has been diagnosed with cancer for you to worry about getting it yourself. It is seriously going around, and is not as effective as a weight loss regime as you might think. Crossfit might be better. I get approached frequently by friends and friends Keep reading!

Don’t Worry About It: Part 2 of 4

More Things I Allow Myself Not To Worry About: Surveys: Don’t worry about them. I feel a tiny guilt about blowing them off, but not enough to actually complete one. The world as we know it will simply have to go on without my input. Just another thing I’ll be burning in hell over. Germs: You would think that someone Keep reading!

Doctor’s Office Scales Lie!

Freaking Out Nurses: Doctor’s Office Scales Lie I visited my gynocologist this week for my now bi-annual visit on account of some three rogue papsmear results in a row. I instructed my doctor that she is in charge of the ovaries. No lady ovary cancer, please. She assured me she had my ovaries’ back and not to worry. Interacting with the Keep reading!

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Even though we are past Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I think celebrating boobs is a worthy year-round event. And since pictures speak louder than words, please enjoy these random, mostly boob-centric sightings I made in real life. I give you, Pasta Boobs. I found these Pasta racks at a novelty shop in Asheville, North Carolina. These boobs are better when Keep reading!

Talking To Your Friend With Cancer

Of Course They’re Fake. The Real Ones Tried To Kill Me! Talking To Your Friend With Cancer Over the past year, several friends have asked me how to talk to and help friends of theirs with a new cancer diagnosis. I generated this list from my experience with breast cancer, but it applies to any cancer, because cancer likes to become other cancer. Keep reading!

Support Second Base: A Year After Cancer

A Year After Cancer October is, after all, breast cancer awareness month. I would be remiss if I didn’t post something in honor of this event. I’ve been shopping amongst pink-labeled produce for weeks without so much as a scowl. That’s a far cry from how I felt last year. How freaky is this? I just realized that I was diagnosed Keep reading!

Let’s Count Compliments Not Insults

Why do we hang on to the slights from other people but forget the compliments? For no reason today, I remembered the words of a friend of mine when we were in college. She called me on the phone about nine o’clock one forgettable night and started the conversation by saying, “Man, there is just NO ONE home tonight to Keep reading!

Summer Loving, had me a blast…

Summer Loving Happened So Fast Seriously, where does the time go? My kids go back to school in eight days. EIGHT! I feel like I should have more to show for myself as to how we spent the summer. True, I did take the kids on a whirlwind tour of the east coast, but that was just eight days. What Keep reading!

I’m Waiting For the Cancer Call

Waiting for the Cancer Call First off, I have had A LOT of caffeine, so hold on. Also, it’s my birthday. It is also Prince’s birthday and Tom Jones’ birthday. We’re all going for Sundowners later. It’s Tom’s turn to pay. I’m one of those annoying people who loves everyone else’s birthday and likes to skulk around about my own. My Keep reading!