Blog Purpose: Why Write a Blog?

Blog Purpose

One of my first outings and first foray wearing street clothes after my lumpectomy was Saturday. It felt weird. Like I was walking around with a secret. Friends took me to an arts and crafts show called Artropy Craft Show at the Regional Arts Commission on Delmar. I was still eating Percocet and found myself handing out some of the new fancy calling cards I had printed that include my blog address. Understandably, the folks with whom I interacted asked me what my blog was about. I wasn’t sure what to say. I settled on, “Currently, the focus is on my boobs, but I’m much more interesting than that.” Sarah offered that “it’s like Seinfeld. It’s about nothing and everything.” What do you think it’s about? Why write a blog? What is the blog purpose? Who does it serve and why? What should my slogan be? My jingle?

Speaking of jingles, while at the show, I ran into Michelle who was raising money for her mom’s reconstructive surgery by selling pasties. They raised enough money for her mom, but you might check out Michelle’s awesome pasties. Who doesn’t have pasties on their holiday shopping list?

One thought on “Blog Purpose: Why Write a Blog?

  1. jen,

    couldnt respond on my smart phone to your blogs, but am able to make it to the laptop now. ive been cheering you on (with one arm raised) this past week and have been spiritually rolling around the delicious content in your blogs. im proud of you, girl and will continue to spiritually feed on your writings. im blown away by your courage to bare your soul and gain strength from your passionate determination.

    much love to you,

    okc cheryl

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