Becoming Woke

What does it mean to Become Woke?

I have yet to tell a white person the title and subject of the book I’ve written, Becoming Woke, outside of radical circles, who had an idea what I was talking about. Virtually every black person I’ve spoken to, knew what I meant without any explanation at all. Hopefully, this means the subject is still ripe for discussion. Becoming “Woke” means different things to different people. For me, it is about an awareness of racial inequality to a level I never appreciated before Ferguson. “Wokeness” isn’t a badge of honor among “allies” of racial justice. It’s aspirational. To try to be woke is to try to understand, to try to put myself in another person’s position, to quit assuming and to start listening.

becoming woke

BECOMING WOKE: A privileged St. Louis lawyer struggles to understand the racism in her community that fueled Ferguson by becoming an activist, reshaping her interpretation of the American Dream.


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