Texting a Family Road Trip- Day 6

Am I still really doing this? Texting a Family Road Trip? It’s been six days. I feel like I’ve been stuck on a deserted island, but one with roads and lots of people.

Texting a Family Road Trip Day 6

WTF was I thinking? Texting a family road trip? Wyoming, again. Kids didnt fall 4 my switcheroo to Beastie Boys or Radiohead so I made them listen to Honky Tonk Man on one of the one radio stations that broadcast on the moon which is what it seemed like we were visiting all day. Learned that Hell’s Angels greet each other on the road by extending arm down n flip each other the inverted peace sign which seems kinda back-masky but who am I to judge? Grand Teton park, Jackson Hole. Made the world’s tiniest snowman w/ kids so we’d hv bragging rights about doing it n June. The C’mon Inn n Casper is actually okie dokie but located next to a Loaf-n-Jug which is next to a Kum-n-go. No lie. I can relate to cuming n going but dropping a loaf n jugs just don’t seem to go together. Could b just me tho. Short 5 hour jaunt to Denver tmro.

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