The Day of My Husband’s Vasectomy

The day of my husband’s vasectomy was a very special time. Kevin was really excited about the procedure, and about literally sitting on ice for a while. Again, everything about it struck me as funny. Kevin? Not so much. I’ve never seen him more nervous in my entire life. Geez. You’d think someone was going to mess with his balls Keep reading!

Is My Husband’s Vasectomy Off Limits?

Blogging About My Husband’s Balls Okay, I’ve been admonished that writing a post about someone else’s balls (like my husbands vasectomy) ‘s off limits for my blog. Even balls that are near and dear to my heart. “Pleeeeeaaaaasssseee? May I please blog about your balls? I’ll be gentle!” (Yes, those balls, but don’t tell anyone because we’re not talking about Keep reading!