Blog Purpose: Why Write a Blog?

Blog Purpose One of my first outings and first foray wearing street clothes after my lumpectomy was Saturday. It felt weird. Like I was walking around with a secret. Friends took me to an arts and crafts show called Artropy Craft Show at the Regional Arts Commission on Delmar. I was still eating Percocet and found myself handing out some of Keep reading!

My Lumpectomy: Peace Out

Everything is going very well. My friends have been phenomenal. My in-laws have really stepped up with the kids. The Morning of My Lumpectomy The day of the surgery we arrived at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. The first order of business was to go to the Nuclear Medicine department and let the Gamma Ray Machine help ferret out the Keep reading!

Cancer: Say Yes to Drugs

Yes to Drugs Yes. Yes. Yes to Drugs. Everything went fine during my lumpectomy and I’m at home now resting comfortably. My bed is sanctuary. We got to the hospital on time, just like we were supposed to. Nailed it. I changed into my hospital gown and I looked amazing. Well, as amazing as one can look in a hospital Keep reading!