2014 in review: it was absurd

Absurd & surprising describes 2014 in review for me 2014 Resolutions: some achieved, some re-purposed Consistent with my usual New Year’s goals last January, I thought that I’d find gainful employment in 2014, lose those seven pounds that forever torment me, become mentally healthier, become physically stronger, improve the lives of my kids, increase my happiness, discover the meaning of Keep reading!

2013 Kinda Sucked: Admit It, You’re So Not Jealous of Me

2013 kinda sucked

To be honest, 2013 was kind of a boner. 2013 kinda sucked. I am a practical optimist, however, so here is my recap of 2013 and hope for a prosperous 2014: I DID meet my goal of not taking up smoking in 2013, since I didn’t smoke in the first place. Well done, me, for setting a goal I could Keep reading!

Resolutions 2012: Luche Libre

Resolutions 2012 I have set New Year’s goals as far back as I can remember. In 2000, I started keeping my annual goals in a small spiral notepad with a picture of Mexican wrestler Fuerza Guerrera on the front. Talk about motivating! Who would have the temerity not to reach their goals with Fuerza’s imposing mask staring you down every year? Apparently, me. Keep reading!