LouFest Music Festival 2012: Do You Realize?

Loufest Music Festival! Several observations, in no particular order: Our favorite band on Saturday was Phantogram. Wild Nothing on Saturday also rocked the casbah. The Cults were awesome as well. I am not hanging out with enough men who wear ponytails. Practically everyone in the world has a tattoo, save me. People at Festivals like to wear clothing to show off Keep reading!

Waiting For LouFest 2012 : Abandonment Issues

Are You Waiting for Loufest? You Should Be! What should parents do when their kids are stressed out about the start of school? Abandon them! We are taking a vacation from parenting this weekend. It’s going to be AWESOME. We have a two day pass to Loufest Music Festival and have hired someone to parent our children while we pretend we’re Keep reading!