Footloose Experience LouFest 2013

Experience Loufest 2013 Following a stellar time at Loufest 2012, we were anxious to repeat our great time when The Flaming Lips headlined the festival. The rain last year was hellacious but once you were soaked, there is no more soaked to get. Plus, it’s easier to pee when you’re soaking wet. Just trust me on this. When you go Keep reading!

LouFest Music Festival 2012: Do You Realize?

Loufest Music Festival! Several observations, in no particular order: Our favorite band on Saturday was Phantogram. Wild Nothing on Saturday also rocked the casbah. The Cults were awesome as well. I am not hanging out with enough men who wear ponytails. Practically everyone in the world has a tattoo, save me. People at Festivals like to wear clothing to show off Keep reading!

Waiting For LouFest 2012 : Abandonment Issues

Are You Waiting for Loufest? You Should Be! What should parents do when their kids are stressed out about the start of school? Abandon them! We are taking a vacation from parenting this weekend. It’s going to be AWESOME. We have a two day pass to Loufest Music Festival and have hired someone to parent our children while we pretend we’re Keep reading!