Family Road Trip of the South-Day 7

Grove Park Inn Asheville, NC

It rained the entire drive home. Here are the stats: Miles driven: 2,335 One adult/three children States visited: 11-Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, S. Carolina, N. Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois Hotel stops: 6- Memphis, Mobile, Savannah, Charleston, Asheville, Nashville Scotch bottles shattered: none! Glitter flakes from my molting iphone case that ended up on my face: 152 New states Keep reading!

Family Road Trip of the South-Day 6

Tourist shop in Nashville, TN

Biltmore Estate w/o incident! Who’d have wagered? Boring drive to Nashville, TN. Downtown Hotel Indigo. Have never seen┬áso many chain restaurants per capita. Even in Vegas. Not much diversity in crowd either. Droves of festive grungy rock-a-billies or spirited white people in white sneakers and t-shirts. I have almost survived.   Related posts: Family Road Trip of the South-Day 7 Keep reading!