How Old Is Too Old To Trick or Treat?

too old to trick or treat

My answer is never. You are never too old to trick or treat. I know it’s unseasonal to write about my favorite holiday, Halloween, when cottonwood trees are trying to kill my nasal passages, but I can no longer deny my friend’s request to showcase him in a blogpost. Because, actually, I do take requests for topics. This particular friend was Keep reading!

The Walking Dead Candy Scale

walking dead candy

As the parent of three trick-or-treating children, my household accumulates a banquet of candy on All Hallows’ Eve. We dump the bags of candied loot onto the living room floor and, for 10 minutes, binge on sweets until we are sugar-saturated land whales. After the pixie stik dust settles, I bag the candy and we nosh on what’s left for Keep reading!