24 Buzzwords That Need To Burn In Hell (1-8)

I Hate These Buzzwords I don’t think it is just me that gets annoyed by obnoxious, threadbare words and phrases. A comprehensive list of the ones that make me the craziest: 1. “Man Up!” Okay, first, this phrase is totally sexist. Second, it is totally sexist. If you want to call someone a wuss, then have the balls to just say so. Keep reading!

Talking To Your Friend With Cancer

Of Course They’re Fake. The Real Ones Tried To Kill Me! Talking To Your Friend With Cancer Over the past year, several friends have asked me how to talk to and help friends of theirs with a new cancer diagnosis. I generated this list from my experience with breast cancer, but it applies to any cancer, because cancer likes to become other cancer. Keep reading!